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Tool Tip Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to create those snazzy tooltip balloons that you see everyone using on their websites these days. This effect is commonly used with Ajax interfaces but can be applied to all sorts of web applications.

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Step # 1
Create a new document of any size, l'm using the dimensions 300x200 pixels, and set the background to White (#FFFFFF).

Step # 2
Get the Rounded Rectangle Tool, and apply these settings:

Step # 3
With the Rounded Rectangle Tool in hand, drag out a rectangle similar to the image below:

Step # 4
Press 'L' on your keyboard to get out the polygon lasso tool and click in one spot, drag to another, and keep doing this until you have a triangular selection.

Step # 5
Press the keys 'D' then 'X' on your keyboard.

While holding CTRL, press Backspace to flood fill the selection with white.

Step # 6
Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:
Drop Shadow:

Inner Shadow:

Color Overlay:

Step # 7
Press OK, and some text, and voilą! Pixel fonts seem to compliment these the best, if you do not have any, you can download them in our downloads section. I hope you've enjoined this tutorial and thanks for reading.

Here's how my final result ended up after adding text:

Download File Download Tool Tip Tutorial Source Package

Author: Nick Berlette
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