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Realistic Digital Planet

This tutorial will explain how to create a great looking satellite view of planets in outer space. This tutorial is very easy to accomplish however the final effect looks great. This is a great tutorial for those interested in digital art.

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Step # 1
Create a new document of any size, l'm using 500x500 for this example.

Step # 2
Flood fill the background with black (#000000).

Then make a new layer and use the brush tool to make a white circle. Im going to use a 300 pixel brush.

Using the elliptical marquee tool, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and make a selection in the

center of the canvas. Holding SHIFT will ensure that the circle is perfectly round. Fill this selection with white


Step # 3
Press 'D' on your keyboard to reset your foreground and background colors to black white respectively.
With the selection still active, go to "Filter->Render->Clouds".

Press CTRL + F on your keyboard three times to repeat the Clouds filter:

Step # 4
Press CTRL + I on your keyboard to invert the colors.

Press CTRL + L on your keyboard to bring up the Levels Adjustment Tool and apply the following settings:


Step # 5
Press CTRL + D on your keyboard to deselect the selection.

Press CTRL + U on your keyboard to bring up the Hue/Saturation tool, and apply the following settings:


Step # 6
Press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer.

Go to "Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur" and apply the following settings:

Double click this layer and apply the following blending options:

Step # 7
Click this layer, and drag it below our previous layer. This should give our planet a little depth. Try creating

several of these with different color settings, to create a great looking space scene.

Try playing around with some of the settings see what you come up with, here is a piece l created using the

techniques taught in this tutorial.

Author: Prexium
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