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Levels Adjustment Tool

This tutorial will cover the uses of the highly valuable levels tool in photoshop. If you've been in the digital art

industry for any amount of time, you know that this tool is a staple of all graphic design artists that work with

photographs on a daily basis. Many times the levels tool is used to correct under exposed, and over exposed

images, this tutorial will teach you the ins and outs of this invaluable photoshop resource.

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Step # 1
First open the image for editing. The levels tool excells when used on photographs that are either over exposed (too light) or under exposed (too dark):

Step # 2
In the layer window press the button that says: create new fill/adjustments layer. from there choose "levels" Alertantivly you can open up the Levels Adjustment Tool from by pressing CTRL + L

Step # 3
Now working with the three hash marks in the top portion of the tool.

Sliding the hash marks on the left will adjust blacks or darkness, and sliding the hash mark on the right will adjust the whites, or lightness of the image.

Here are side by side results:

You can use this great option for many things, but it's intended use was to correct over and under exposure problems with images and photographs, just always try to experiment with the settings. Good luck!

Author: Frikandel
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