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Glass Text

In this tutorial you will learn a fantastic text effect that resembles plastic, or even glass text. Though the end result makes a great company name or logo, the steps are easy to learn and follow.

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Step # 1
Open an existing document, or create a new one of any size, l'll be using a 500 x 200 for this tutorial.

Fill the background with any color, l'm using white (#FFFFFF)

Step # 2
Create a new layer. Now we're going to add the text. It is best to use a thick bold text for this technique. I'll be using "Aerial Black" which is a windows standard font and most macs have as well. Hevetica Bold is a pretty close alternative for Mac users. Another option is to check out our download section for some premier designer fonts.

Here is the font settings l've used:


Step # 3
Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:
Gradient Overlay:


Bevel & Emboss:

Inner Glow:


Step # 4
Next we'll add the gloss effect. Set your foreground color to white (#FFFFFF) and get out the pen tool () and set it up like so:
Make sure "Shape Layers" is clicked

Now make four dots, one on the left side, and one on the right of the text. The other two should be around the middle of the image like so:

Next hold down the CTRL key, and move the two middle dots off center. Move the left middle dot upwards, and the right middle dot downward:

Once you have this type of "Wave" between the four dots, connect the rest of the dots above the text as l've done here:

Step # 5
Now Right click on this layer, and choose "Rasterize Layer".

Hold down the CTRL key, and click on the layer with our text (should be directly below this one). Doing so will make a selection of everything in that layer:

Next go to "Select->Inverse" or press CTRL + SHIFT + I to invert the selection.

Tap DELETE on your keyboard to delete the excess "gloss", result:

Drop the opacity of the "gloss" layer down to 20 percent:


Step # 6
Next click on your "background layer" and create a new layer.
The new layer should be directly below your text layer

Click on the "text layer" to select it, and press CTRL + E to merge it with the new blank layer we had just created.

This will rasterize the text layer, as well as the blending options for that layer.

Next click on the "gloss" layer, and press CTRL + E to merge it with our newly rasterize text layer.

So at this point, you should have a total of 2 layers.
Our rasterize text effect with the shine, and then the background layer:

Step # 7
Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:
Drop Shadow:

Inner Shadow:

Outer Glow:

Inner Glow:

Bevel & Emboss:

Here's how mine ended up after adding a simple "reflection", looks pretty good:

These work excellent for header and signature texts. Try it out yourself and see how easy it is! Be sure to check out the rest of our great tutorials while you're here!

Author: Mishka369
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