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Extended Text

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a unique text effect that is used all over the internet these days that can best be described as the Extended Text effect. The steps are easy to follow, and apply well to any font available.

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Step # 1
Create a new document of any size, or open a pre existing document. I'm using a 700 x 150 sized canvas. And l've filled the background with: #B7B7B7

Step # 2
Now the first thing is to type out some text onto the canvas. It is better to use a narrow font for this type of effect. I'm using a font called "Kameleon" which is available in the download package for this tutorial, as well as in the font downloads section of

The settings for the text l'm using are:

Step # 3
After your text has been created press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate the layer your text is on.

Next right click on the layer and choose "Rasterize Layer"

Press CTRL + I on your keyboard to "invert" the colors of this layer.

Step # 4
Go to "Layer -> Arrange -> Send Backward. This should move this layer bellow our original layer with white text.

Next press the 'V' key on your keyboard to get out the move tool. Tap the down arrow on your keyboard two or three times (depending on the size of your text).

This should give it a hard beveled look:

Step # 5
Now double click on the topmost layer (with the white font) and apply the following blending options:
Outer Glow:



Step # 6
Press CTRL + E on your keyboard to merge this layer with the previous.

Press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer.

Go to "Edit->Transform->Flip Vertical"

Press 'V' on your keyboard to get out the move tool.

tap the down arrow on your keyboard until your flipped text is aligned underneath like so:

Step # 7
Finally go to "Layer->Apply Layer Mask->Reveal All".
Get out the Gradient fill tool ()

Fill the masked layer with a gradient from the bottom to the top as pictured here:


Here's how this type of text might look on a concrete themed banner:

Author: Nate Ginsburg
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