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Textured Chain Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to design a nice looking chain by using several different layer blending options, as well as teaching you the techniques of using an external photograph or image to apply realistic texture to your photoshop designs.
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Step # 9
Change the blending mode of that layer to multiply. Optionally you may duplicate that layer by pressing CTRL + J on your keyboard to give it more depth and contrasting colors.

Step # 10
Next we'll merge all of these layers together by pressing CTRL + E on your keyboard repeatedly until all layers are merged together.

Step # 11
Press CTRL+T and resize that layer, goto edit > transform > perspective, mess around a little there to give it a little oval shape.

Step # 12
Now just keep duplicating by pressing CTRL + J on your keyboard, rotating and moving by pressing CTRL + T on your keyboard to make the little rings of the chain.

Here is how the final result looks:

Download File Download Textured Chain Tutorial Source Package

Author: Frikandel
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