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Broken Rubber Stamp

In this tutorial you will learn the techniques used to create text that appears to be stamped on the page. This effect has been used all over the place recently, because it look great and gives your text a real sense of realism, and depth. The trick to creating is very easy, once you understand the fundamentals. This effect can be easily applied to text as well as on images.

Download File Download Broken Rubber Stamp Source Package

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Step # 1
Open an existing document of any size in photoshop or create a new one. I will be working with a document that is 500x300 with a white (#FFFFFF) background.

Step # 2
First we're going to create the texturing of our broken rubber stamp. You can either create this file yourself, or download it in the download pack for this tutorial to save yourself some time.

Create a new document in photoshop that is 500x300.

Get out the Custom Shape Tool () and select the spiral shape from the drop down menu:

Apply the shape in this new file. Its better to keep shapes in Black, white or gray shades as this file will serve as a displacement map in later stage.

Keep creating more spiral shapes with different sizes. You can also rotate a few of spirals to create a more random feel.

Save this file as a photoshop file ( *.psd ) in a location that you can remember. I have named this file swirls.psd and saved on desktop.

Step # 3
Now we're ready to move back to our photoshop document that we want to apply this effect to.
Start off by typing out some text onto the document using a nice thick font. Here are the settings l've used:


Step # 4
Duplicate your text layer by pressing CTRL + J on your keyboard and hide the original text layer.

Right click this layer and select rasterize type.

From Filter menu select Distort>>Displace, and apply the settings as shown.

Now you'll be asked to locate the displacement map. We direct it to swirls.psd that we saved on desktop.

After applying displace our text should look like this.
I've changed the color of the duplicated text layer to make it easier to navigate.

Step # 5
Unhide the original text layer. Place it over the displaced text layer to cover the text area as fine as possible.

Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on your original text layer. Doing so should make a selection of everything within that layer; Once you have an active selection go ahead and then hide this layer once again..

Go to "Select->Inverse" to invert the selection. Click on the displaced text layer and tap the DELETE button on your keyboard to remove the extra texture.

Step # 6
Now double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:
Bevel & Emboss:

Drop Shadow:


Here's an example of this with technique applied to an alternative font, with a graphic overlayed, as you can see this creates a very nice effect:

Download File Download Broken Rubber Stamp Source Package

Author: Sandy
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