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Printing without margins?
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PostPosted: 21 Feb, 07:53    Post subject: Printing without margins?

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I'm trying to print a small poster I made in Photoshop on 8.5 x 11 white paper, but I'm getting these white margins around all 4 sides. I need it to print from edge to edge on all 4 sides without the white border. When I go to File > Print with Preview, and click the Page Setup button, I see a section for margins, but all 4 fields are greyed out (wont let me change them). Anyone know how I can print this the way I want?
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PostPosted: 21 Feb, 08:25    Post subject:

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Howdy mcampbell; l was just fooling around with it myself and the only way l could get a document to fit perfectly was making my document size: 8 x 10.5

then once the "print preview" page opened up; uncheck the "center" box within the position area (near the top) and change the vertical and horizontal offsets to 0 and 0.

That's all l could come up with on PS 7.0

Best regards,
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PostPosted: 21 Feb, 06:05    Post subject:

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also after you set the margins in print with preview, sometimes depending on your printer, u may hav to change the actual printer settings for margins as well. im only sayin this cause thats what i had to do once.
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PostPosted: 04 Dec, 07:24    Post subject: dsdf

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