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3d Spin ??
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Joined: 14 Jun, 05:05
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PostPosted: 30 Jul, 02:01    Post subject: 3d Spin ??

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Hey guys Im New here and i was wondering Dus anyone know how to do a 3d spin ?? (:

If Anyonw knows what i mean
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PSForce a'holic

Joined: 15 May, 07:34
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Location: england

PostPosted: 31 Jul, 10:13    Post subject:

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you would do it in imageready i spose would just have to duplicate the frame and rotate each on a bit untill you get the desired effect but then again i might be wrong i dont do animation
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Joined: 14 Jun, 05:05
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PostPosted: 31 Jul, 03:09    Post subject:

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Noo I dont want it like the one up there (:

I Want it To Do a 3d spin like a

Hole Spinning Round a Big (B)
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Joined: 01 Jul, 08:07
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PostPosted: 03 Aug, 04:00    Post subject:

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Like this?

Just posted this to help people get what he means, if i could help i would but ive never tryed animations out.
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Joined: 14 May, 06:02
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Location: Pennsylvania, USA

PostPosted: 03 Aug, 04:46    Post subject:

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Well for something like that you're going to need a 3d modelling program such as c4d or 3d studio max
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PSForce TopDog

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