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All this is a very pregnant nomenclature, but we do not think the geography of these districts will be much indebted to the pious reminiscences of sectarian gratitude. The " lute worthy Mr. Nealo. of St. Paul's Churchyard, a sincere friend of the heathen
Ralph Lauren Outlet world," has annexed his name to a fountain : and not Polo Outlet only a fountain but a plain also, us u double tribute of amphibious honour, is assigned to Mr. William Alcrs Hunkey, who is at once Chairman and Treasurer of the Missionary Society—Alers Plain, and Jiaukey 1'ountain !
Bui we come now to the most important fact ascertained by these volumes ; the extent to which Christianity has been propagated by this Society, which in true " catholic spirit" professes to teach " uo form of church order aud government;" and whose patched and piebald members feel towards each other only " a rivalry like that of angels, who strive which ¿hull best promote the cause of God For this purpose wo shall content ourselves with the internal evidence of the Missionary's own words; with the addition of a few comments by Mr. Burchell, who is not a missionary.
At Latlakoo, Mr. Campbell says :
"On my expressing my sorrow ot finding so fen- children fre- qu
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Polo Outlet Online school, he (the king) said, 4 thty had to client/ the fUteJ
44 I ho Missionaries my they could get
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plenty of young people to attend, were they cither to feed them, or daily make them presents of beads. The children coming to school, and the old people to worship, is considered by the native* as u favour done to the Mis. sionarics. So gencrolly is this the case, that when the Missionaries observe a captain attending regularly for a short time, who has not been accustomed to attend before, they expect an application //©«
Ralph Lauren Outlet Online him toon, Jor the me oj their nwggon, or their plough, or

Ray Bans something eke." P. 73.
At the same place Mateebe observed to him. " All are leased with the word, but we cannot comprehend it." Vol. I.
77. lie added also, that " it was still uncertain
Ray Ban Sunglasses whether the people understood that they had souls." Vol. I. P. 79. Of the Matcbappees, generally, Mr. Campbell admits that " were any of tbeir captains to renounce their ancient customs, and profess the Christian faith, be would thereby expose himself to the keenest persecution." Vol. I. P. 101.
At Kurreechaue.
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