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Itís only the third game into the second half of the 2006 season and the Chicago White Sox are living what I prophesied oh, four or five weeks , Theyíre choking.ugg boots , I predicted:
(1) Theyíd have to settle for the Wild Card berth or less;
(2) The Yankees would surge and threaten for the Wild Card; and
(3) Detroit would gain ground in July based on an easier schedule.jimmy choo ,
Watching Jim Thome get fanned by the Big Unit, Randy Johnson, the other night at Yankee Stadium demonstrated that this great acquisition can only carry the Sox for so long.moncler outlet ,
Unless he has a mega-year and comes up with superman statistics, Thome will regress toward the mean.abercrombie and fitch couples , Look for him to hit half of the homers he stroked during the first half.
A mindless Ozzie Guillen will look back soon in regret at the games he allowed reliever Cliff Politte to blow, but thatís only where part of the blame should go. Guillen has mismanaged the bullpen all season long. Pulling Brendan McCarthy in a tied Yankee game in favor of a lefty was utterly foolish, by-the-book, letís be democratic and give everybody a shot, stupidity.
The Yanks are on their way, today, to a three-game sweep of the Sox, which advances my theories mentioned above, in items (1) and (2).
Despite the fact that in the late innings Kansas City has a big lead over the Tigers in todayís contest, the Motor Cityís juggernaut continues toward a leading spot in the post-season.
Last year the Sox deserved to win because they kept their minds on business. This year they canít seem to stop mugging for the cameras, as AJ did during the Home Run Derby telecast.
Today, the Sox are four and a half games back of Detroit. Look for them to finish July at least five back or more.
After today, the Sox will only have a three game edge on the Yanks in the Wild Card.
That lead could easily evaporate by the middle of August, putting the Sox into retirement by October, unless they wake up, and pronto!
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