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Mixtape Help!!!!
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PostPosted: 13 Feb, 09:19    Post subject:

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LizardSkull wrote:
ive written the tut, just got to finish with the screenies and ill post it in the tutorials section by tonight. Very Happy

please can anybody send me the link to the tut, i cant find it Confused
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PostPosted: 23 Apr, 01:16    Post subject:

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PostPosted: 25 Jul, 07:20    Post subject:

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HeY PPL!...LiZaRD! ur the best!...juss registered to dis site kuz of dis post! interested in the same!...were's the link to the tut!?...

TNX again man!...i read the whole post nd u r very helpful!
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PostPosted: 09 Dec, 09:10    Post subject: Help me , Suprise My son(mixtape christmas gift)

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Hello PsfFamily,
I'm New here
I'm in need of serious Help..I done a Mixtape with My son and I would Like to send it to Him for Christmas he does not know I'm getting it pressed up for him.
I tried to do it But I run a (small) Home-based Music production company That can be hectic in it self.
I tried making My own flash banners, My own myspace layout, My own youtube layout and all ending with no good results..Help Sad

Please help I will give you full credit on His mix tape and Use the Same Layout for his Myspace.

Thank you in advance and happy Holidays!
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PostPosted: 25 Mar, 12:09    Post subject:

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Hey Iam new here, I really love mixtape covers and no doubt i can do something with the right tutorial. can you please put the tutorial lizard?
What i know has been all on my own, I dont know the slang, like the building "drop" can you show me how you did the building/cit drop and the tutorial for theat awesome text effect.

thank you


the best newbie thing you can do is :
- get some brushes (free for commercial use)
- get some fonts (free for commercial use)
- now put colors together which do match well together, use your brushes, write a header or somthing else with your cool fonts, viola you got a mixtape Cover.
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PostPosted: 10 Nov, 09:57    Post subject: imovie converter

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PostPosted: 17 Apr, 06:58    Post subject: lv handbags

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PostPosted: 29 Apr, 12:23    Post subject: Cheap Air Max

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PostPosted: 11 Dec, 06:06    Post subject:

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