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Quetsion about the fonts
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PostPosted: 22 Feb, 09:02    Post subject: Quetsion about the fonts

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i have a question about the fonts. so my question is how do i instal a font? yeah i know there is a link for how you can instal a font. but i cant find a icon on my control panel? for instal a font

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PostPosted: 22 Feb, 09:10    Post subject:

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Hi there,

open the following folder:
(for windows machines)

then just drag and drop your font into ^this folder.

-- and restart any applications already running that you'd like to use this new font with.

Best regards,
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PostPosted: 22 Feb, 09:12    Post subject:

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yeah it works, thank yuou man!
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PostPosted: 13 Nov, 07:51    Post subject: wedding dresses

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PostPosted: 08 Dec, 12:40    Post subject:

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