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i spose this should go in here * definatly worth alook*
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PSForce a'holic

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PostPosted: 15 Aug, 08:33    Post subject: i spose this should go in here * definatly worth alook*

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this i found and i thought it was awesome so i had to share it :

A fan of LevelOne's awesome rendering ability? Want to get all of his 2005 & 2006 renders on an updated daily/weekly basis? Read on more to find out how...

Dear Render Collectors, Signature Artists, Wallpaperists, and Others: Listen Up...:

The LINK to roughly all of the renders that I've uploaded to Render-World.Com, and if you wish, you may use as many as you like/prefer.

<Click LINK Below>
LINK: [link]

How to obtain the render/PNG? Simple. Once you click the LINK above and arrive at the page, perform the following OPTIONS:
OPTION #1: Click on the thumbnail of the image desired. If you see the image get larger, with a black background, click on it again, to obtain the FULL PNG Render. If the image gets larger the second time, RIGHT CLICK & SAVE AS.

OPTION #2: If you click on the thumbnail, and the image gets larger with a grayish/bluish background, that is the final size/normal size, and simply, RIGHT CLICK & SAVE.

Keep it tuned here, as it will be updated periodically/daily, as I make/render/cut them.

OR... (48421515 Bytes)

LV1 Render Pack Preview 2005: LINK:
[link] (45723925 Bytes)

LV1 Render Pack Preview 2006: LINK:

Enjoy and Let Me Know If It Worked...

Pergio Maximus

Then, all I have to do is come back to this thread and say, new render(s) added. Wink


Render-World.Com Render Pack #3
<click links> (83531646 Bytes)

Download-LINK: [link]

LINK: [link]

The PREVIEW is huge. About 2400X1900, and 1MB in size. The ZIP is roughly 84MB. Took 20 minutes to upload.

Special Thanks to those that contributed to the Pack, Silver, MikeyC, Yayo, and myself.

[link] Why not give them a visit? Wink


Sprite PACK #1: 3500 Animated/Still

First, make sure you look at the PREVIEW. I must say this, that I have over 55,000 Animated/Still Sprites. Roughly 13.5GB in size, with 458 Folders captured over a radius of 5 years. I took a small amount of them and produced a 3500 Sprite, 85MB file .ZIP, for public release. Took me about 2 hours to prepare it and make it available. The PREVIEW is only showing some small amounts of whats in the pack. Having Street Fighter, DOOM, Samurai Showdown, Superman, Spiderman, Predator, Robocop, and etc, etc.

Hosted by RapidShare, it should be a joy to have. The "green & black" coloration on the PREVIEW page is only that way for the STILLS and ANIMATED contact page placement. So, everything is .GIF Transparencies.

You can use both Photoshop and ImageReady to capture the STILLS and the ANIMATION frames for each SPRITE regardless of size, animation layer counts, and cell containments.


Dein Download-Link: [link]

...preview for the SPRITES coming soon...
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PostPosted: 11 Sep, 08:56    Post subject:

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very cool, thanks for posting Very Happy
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PSForce TopDog

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PostPosted: 17 Apr, 07:37    Post subject: lv handbags

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