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Oily Sig
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PostPosted: 17 Jul, 03:20    Post subject: Oily Sig

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Tutorial Made By Anthrax
Need's Some Photoshop Skills...
Photoshop 7 and or CS or CS2


1. First U make An image 450 x 150

2. Set Colors To Default By Pressing "d"

3. Go Filter >> Render >> Clouds

4. Go Filter >> Render >> DIfference Clouds

5. Now Hit Ctrl + I or Image >> Adjustments >> Invert

6. Now Hit Ctrl + L Or Image >> Adjustments >> Levels
Then Enter the following settings

7. Now You Colorize By Hitting Ctrl+u or Image >> Adjustments >> Hue/Saturation
and i used the following settings

8. Now You Duplicate The Layer Then Go Filter >> Sketch >> Chrome
and use the following settings

9. Pretty Uninspiring huh... Now Goto Blending Options Then Set The Blend Mode To Overlay

10. Now Duplicate the first layer again.

11. Then go Filter >> Distort >> Twirl and set it at 50

12. then duplicate the first layer again... then go Filter >> Distort >> Twirl and set it at -525

13. Set Both of the twirl layers to be above the layer with the chrome... then set the blend mode on both of them to difference...

then this is what u get

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PostPosted: 27 Jul, 04:30    Post subject:

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Very cool, l like it a lot -- thanks so much for posting it!

PS> was this an entry into the tutorial contest?
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PostPosted: 17 Apr, 07:40    Post subject: lv handbags

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