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Slicing template design help please!
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PostPosted: 23 Jul, 09:04    Post subject: Slicing template design help please!

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How are we all?,
Anywhoo I have a request, I made just a simple layout for a template design of which I wish to use for a website...however I am horrible at slicing and have no idea how to code aghhh, I read a previous tutorial on another site concening the integration between photoshop and dreamweaver however I get totally lost once I import my template design into dreamweaver ...I would appreciate it if someone could write a tutorial/give me advice on slicing & coding specifically for my design (or even do it for me)*I wish*, I know big ask once again, sorry-..., either or.. I believe it was X who had some awesome layouts, how do you code it X and publish it to the net???

Here is the link to my design


Thanks once again people!
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PostPosted: 27 Jul, 04:32    Post subject:

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This is a very broad topic that takes many designers literally years to master (slicing and coding that is)...

Trying to write a one size fits all tutorial on the subject is quite a difficult task // might l suggest a website that's sole purpose is to teach you the ropes of slicing and coding: [link]

Good luck!
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