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how do u make a skin??
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Joined: 25 Oct, 04:01
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PostPosted: 25 Oct, 04:04    Post subject: how do u make a skin??

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how do i make a homepage skin for ma bebo??
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Joined: 28 May, 12:06
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PostPosted: 25 Oct, 05:49    Post subject:

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Follow a web layout tutorial that you like, and just keep it to these specs:
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PostPosted: 25 Oct, 02:20    Post subject:

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Here's a link for Winamp skins specifically, they give complete direcions that can be downloaded as a PDF or just use the web version.
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PostPosted: 31 Aug, 06:27    Post subject: Tutorials

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You can View a very detailed tutorial on how to create a bebo skin with examples. You can also place links to your bebo skins at this site here.. [url] [/url]

See more tutorials here too [url] [/url]
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PostPosted: 02 Jul, 05:57    Post subject:

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PostPosted: 17 Sep, 10:46    Post subject:

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