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Hello and need help
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PostPosted: 12 Aug, 12:47    Post subject: Hello and need help

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Hello, I'm new here, willing to learn about photoshop but I need some help with a tutorial I encountered. I'm a photoshop newbie and I wanted to try this out:

But I don't get this result. How do I get the leaves, custom shape, that small and how do I make that gradient? Can anyone fill in those blanks please?
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PostPosted: 15 Aug, 03:55    Post subject:

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Just Right click the button under the text button and click "custom shape tool".
Then go the drop button thing and look for the leaves, then drag should be able to make it that small. If not idk whats going on..:S

I cant be botherd doing the gradient... -.-
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PostPosted: 17 Apr, 07:39    Post subject: lv handbags

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PostPosted: 17 Apr, 07:40    Post subject: jackets

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PostPosted: 29 Apr, 12:07    Post subject: Cheap Air Max

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